Thursday, June 20, 2024

Let's talk about real extremism in area

| May 21, 2023 1:00 AM

As a newcomer, I want to talk about a recent documentary featuring Sandpoint’s mayor.

The clip opens with talk of “ultra-conservatives” (from a Dutch point of view) who are “militaristic, isolationist and have strong Christian beliefs” moving to Idaho. Even worse, these monsters believe “women should nurture.” Cut to Sandpoint mayor Shelby Rognstad talking about militarism while the only footage the film crew can find is a green Humvee on First Avenue. Then he talks white nationalism; playing the Nazi card again, over 30-year-old footage from Coeur d’Alene. Finally, Mayor Rognstad gets to his point calling some Christians living in the area the “Christian Taliban.” Factcheck: The Taliban helped murder 3,000-plus New Yorkers; killed and maimed scores of U.S. servicemen and executed women in soccer stadiums. How does the mayor of Sandpoint get away with this characterization?

Our town/mayor got caught in a piece of ambush journalism so devoid of extremism the film crew couldn’t even get video evidence of it. The best they could do is the Trump sign south of Bonners and a Kootenai County Republicans meet-up at the roller rink.

Let’s talk about real extremism. Antifa is the Democrat Party’s blackshirt militia. In the 2020 riots, they were responsible for dozens of deaths and $3-13 billion in damage. When jailed, these terrorists were bailed out by leftwing lawyers funded by the Democrat Party. President Biden says Antifa is "just an idea." Since 2020 this "idea" is likely responsible for over 200 attacks on churches and Pro-Life Christian clinics in the United States — 63 since the start of this year alone. Just like in 1930s Italy and Germany.

Why are people flocking to Idaho? Look no further than the video’s progressive activist in Coeur d'Alene suffering from a severe case of cognitive dissonance. Multiply this woman by 10 million then place her number in all our big cities. These useful idiots scream democracy. yet when they lose they scream fascism. and extremist.

“Conservative” is simply a name given to normal people (Democrats and Republicans) who are sick and tired of the madness, violence and just plain stupidity that is the final expression of blue city progressivism.

What is Christian identity? What is a Great Redoubt? Neither smear was properly explained. But if it means an escape from blue state progressive bigotry like Mayor Rognstad’s, count me in.