Tuesday, May 28, 2024

The connection between the law and morality

| May 23, 2023 1:00 AM

Some letter writers don't seem to comprehend the relationship between law and morality. While morality and law are not one and the same, the relationship between the two is undeniable.

Law is related to moral obligation since law as a command necessarily implies an obligation. When enough people think that something is immoral, they will often work to have a law that forbids it and punishes those who do it. The society that parses these things is influenced by its own personal beliefs & cultural ideologies.

Therefore, when the pro-abortionists screech about women's rights and abortion laws, they are imposing their own moral beliefs on what they think the law should be. To then say that others have no right to bring their beliefs about morality to bear on the issue is hypocritical and simply wrongheaded.

The “pro-birth” argument often used by radical activists is just inflammatory propaganda. They attempt to make this into a binary choice: either you care for the woman or you care for the unborn child in her womb. Why not both? These radicals, in their zeal for "women’s rights," almost always avoid discussing the victim of an abortion, the dead baby. With smoke and mirrors, they’ll refer to conspiracies, “pro-birth” propaganda, and “gun control” to divert your attention. To them, personal autonomy and freedom of choice trump all. Even human life. At the end of the day, a human being is destroyed in an abortion, and they’ll avoid talking about it at all costs.


Clark Fork