Monday, April 22, 2024

The few want to rule the many

| May 25, 2023 1:00 AM

The Bonner County Republican Central Committee wants to control everyone else. Follow our Party Line or we will destroy you politically.

Kind of how Jim Woodward was smeared and lied about by Scott Herndon and the advertising firm paid $80,000 by Herndon to buy his way into the Senate, through lies and innuendos. Oh, by the way, guess who is the chairman of the BCRCC? Why, it’s Scott Herndon.

Mark Sauter is representing the majority of people who elected him, not a small group marching to their own ideology to make people think like them. Can you say BCRCC is trying to move us all backward? Controlling libraries, what can and can’t be read or even on the library shelves.

Sounds like the “Coalition for Moral Order,” and they’re the biggest hypocrites that feel it’s up to them to make the general population follow their decisions, they decide what is acceptable reading material.

Who made you people God? This is 2023, not 1944. And yes, we need more tradespeople, without them, things fall apart.

Vote Herndon out; he has absolutely no business pretending to represent the people.