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LPOSD, state note School Bus Safety Week

| November 7, 2023 1:00 AM

A proclamation from Governor Brad Little seeks to make Idaho’s roads safer for students traveling on school buses. By declaring Oct. 16-20 as School Bus Safety Week, Idaho Gov. Brad Little helped highlight the need for drivers to slow down, be aware of their surroundings and always watch for bus stop arms and signals.

School Bus Safety Week, held in tandem with the State Department of Education’s Student Transportation Department, elevates the issue as the days get shorter and Idahoans once again encounter commutes that include school buses, crosswalks and school zones.

“You don’t have to have a student attending school to have a responsibility to be safe around our young people,” Critchfield said. “Our students have the right to get to and from school safely and everyone can play a role in minimizing danger around school buses, crosswalks and school zones. I am grateful for this proclamation from Governor Little.”

Having Little highlight the week is welcome, Lake Pend Oreille School District officials said.

"There are so many challenges that our bus drivers have to navigate each day and to have support from our local drivers makes their job easier and safer for our students," James Koehler, LPOSD transportation director, said. "The majority of drivers in Bonner County pay attention to our school buses while we are loading and unloading at bus stops but we do experience occasional stop arm violations. Those violations are very stressful to drivers and very unsafe for students at the bus stop."

    Washington Elementary students watch as Buster the Bus teaches them about bus safety during a recent presentation.