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Grimm wins Sandpoint mayor's race

Staff Writer | November 8, 2023 1:00 AM

SANDPOINT — Jeremy Grimm has been elected Sandpoint's next mayor.

Grimm received 1,159 votes while Kate McAlister had 765 votes, and Frytz Mor had 249.

In the race for Sandpoint City Council, Kyle Schreiber had 1,521 votes, Deb Ruehle had 1,058 vote, Pam Duquette had 1,007 votes, Grant Simmons had 829 votes, Elle Susnis had 797 votes, and Amelia Boyd had 671 votes.

In the West Bonner County School District’s Zone 1 race, incumbent Margaret Hall won with 539 votes to challenger Alan Galloway’s 368 votes. In Zone 3, Troy Reinbold won with 285 votes to 186 for Elizabeth Glazier. And in Zone 5, challenger Kathy Nash won with 406 votes and incumbent Carlyn Barton had 275 votes.

With incumbent Purley Decker opting not to run, Lake Pend Oreille School district can expect a new trustee for Zone 1. Scott Wood won with 1,032 votes to 447 received by Jennifer McKnight.

In Zone 4, located south of Highway 200 and including Sagle to E. Dufort and east of U.S. 95, incumbent Geraldine Lewis ran unopposed. As a result, no election was held and she will be appointed to her seat.

In Dover,  Keith Congleton and Dan Parkin won election to the council. Congleton had 144 votes, Dan Parkin had 125 votes. Steven Haynes had 108 votes.

In the race for the Clark Fork City Council, three people were on the ballot for two open seats. As of print time, Sharon J. Banning, current council president, had 45 votes, Tanya M. Becker had 44 votes and Tel Thompson had 35 votes. Banning and Becker won election to the council.

In the race for the East Hope City Council, four people were seeking the two seats. As of presstime, Don Wells had 55 votes, Pam Brockus had 51 votes, David T. Rost had 20 votes, and Scott Wieman had 11 votes. Wells and Brockus won election to the cooncil.

In the East Hope mayor's race, Deborah Field ran unopposed for the seat. Per Idaho Code, no election was held and she will be appointed to the seat.

In Kootenai City Council races, Stephen Ferris ran for the Seat 2 position, and Daniel R. Schock ran for the Seat 4 position, both unopposed. In the mayoral race, incumbent Nancy M. Lewis also ran unopposed. As a result, no election was held and the trio will be appointed to the seat.

In the race for Oldtown City Council, Susan A. Jones ran unopposed for reelection to her seat. She will be reappointed to her seat.

In the race for the two Ponderay City Council seats, incumbents Brad Mitton  and Brenda L. Thompson ran unopposed. Mayor Steve Geiger was up for reelection and was also unopposed. As a result, no election was held and the trio will be appointed to their seats.

In the race for the Priest River City Council, three people ran for the two seats on the ballot. Unopposed for the seats were Doug Wagner and Sandy Brower. Jeff Connolly ran unopposed for the mayor's seat. As a result, no election was held and the trio will be appointed to the seats.

In the Lakeland Joint School District, which falls mainly in Kootenai County but also encompasses a small part of Bonner County, there were two seats up for election. In Zone 1, incumbent Randi Bain had 8 votes and Kyle Olmstead had 2 votes in Bonner County. In Zone 2, Ramona Grissom had 4 votes and Cherish Hansen had 1 votes.

In the race for the Sam Owen Fire District Commission seat in Sub-District 1, Tony Butler had 187 votes and Jack J. Craemer had 79 in preliminary voting.

In the vote for West Bonner Cemetery Maintenance District, votes in favor of increasing the district’s base budget by $41,067.71 were 846 yes to 569 votes.

Most but not all of the county's voting precincts featured an election. Bonner County Clerk Mike Rosedale said there are roughly a half-dozen precincts that do not have any election — Algoma, Gamlin Lake, Kootenai, Sagle, Southside, Westmond and Wrenco.

In addition, there were two precincts — Careywood and Laclede — that were mail ballot precincts for this election only. 

“It’s gone super smooth and it’s been super quiet,” Rosedale said, adding precinct workers typically only call if there is a problem.

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