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Commissioner chats canceled through end of year

Staff Writer | November 9, 2023 1:00 AM

SANDPOINT — Bonner County Commissioner Asia Williams’s commissioner chats have been canceled through the remainder of 2023 due to health concerns.

In a Facebook post Wednesday, Williams said she has been suffering from respiratory issues that she is struggling to control. 

“I need to limit some of my activities, especially those that require speaking,” she wrote in the post. “I need to ensure that I am able to provide responses during the regular business meeting. [Tuesday] was difficult for me.”

Williams left the commissioners’ Tuesday morning meeting without giving a reason, prompting multiple individuals to check on her. The commissioner wrote her votes on a piece of paper so she was able to “virtually participate” in the rest of the meeting that she was not physically present for.

The District 3 commissioner said she hopes to reintroduce commissioner chats in 2024, provided her health improves. While she takes this time to rest, she assured Bonner County residents that she will be working ahead to obtain guests for when the chats resume.

“Thank you for your understanding and prayers,” she said.