Monday, June 24, 2024

War is the entrée of the current decade

| November 12, 2023 1:00 AM

War is the entrée of the current decade, again. Many find disgust with corruption and unlawfulness as the foundation of the Ukraine-Russian war. However, when nationalism fails to ignite support for the neoconservative/globalist, dual-purpose war and population control, agenda, a second option exists. Stoke the religious flames of war. An Israeli-Palestinian war will increase domestic acceptance and financial support for all wars. 

A third option is the activation of southern border illegal immigrants. We would be naïve to think that the hatred and violence of foreign nationalism and religion has not arrived within the borders of the contiguous United States. The $64K question is in whose neighborhood is it already sown? 

A fourth option will be the worldwide financial collapse and the introduction of another tyranny mechanism, the central bank digital currency. Remember, all wars are big-banker wars. Harken back to the 9/11 era, where liberty mitigation, aka the Patriot Act, was legislated upon us.

As George Washington’s farewell address “Discouraged Debt and Foreign Entanglements,” at, we must consider his wisdom in application to current conditions. An Oct. 11 article, “It’s a Trap” at and a audio interview of Martin Armstrong reinforce Washington’s wisdom, most of which, I agree.

Those pushing for war in advance of the next election cycle are preying on neo-conservative emotion on one hand, and black lives matter activism on the other. Say good-bye to Biden, Pence and Haley. Watch RFK Jr. and Trump survey numbers and personal security details increase.