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Advocating for women, families isn't a partisan issue

| November 14, 2023 1:00 AM

Recently, the Scott Herndon-led Bonner County Republican Central Committee distributed a fundraising newsletter titled "Democrats that Deceive," in which he highlights my personal and business support for Idaho Moms, Good Government Bulldogs, North Idaho Voter Services, Jim Woodward and Steve Johnson.

You know, Scott, I've been a registered Republican in the state of Idaho far longer than you have. Idaho Republicans have always supported education, business, community and our youth. Your voting record proves you do not, but that's for another letter.

What I feel the central committee and others are attempting to do is intimidate me by day-lighting who and what I support, but the joke's on them. I am proud to support good governance, education, women, children and families. 

I've lived here for 21 years and strongly believe in contributing to organizations and people that foster the strength of our community and youth. My family and business has supported dozens of community organizations, events, and people. That support has not been based on party alignment, but on character, community and values.

I am an Idaho mom. I am a North Idaho voter. I’m proud to be both. I don't believe advocating for women, children and families is a partisan issue. The question, Mr. Herndon, is why do you?