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Bradshaw, Omodt continue to disrespect residents

| November 16, 2023 1:00 AM

Once again Oct. 26 Bonner County commissioners Steve Bradshaw and Luke Omodt disrespected the citizens of Bonner County. On Oct. 6 a legal notice was posted in the Bonner County Daily Bee and Oct. 19 the Planning Department gave notice the Bonner County Commissioners would convene a public hearing Oct. 26 at 1 p.m. at the Bonner County Administrative Building.

The agenda was the discussion/decision regarding file CUP 00030-21 — conditional use permit — Idaho Land LLC-RV Park. The requested conditional use permit for a 20-unit Commercial RV Park on 4.17 acres which is zoned R-5, located off Clagstone and Al's Welding roads. Beware. If passed commercial RV parks could happen county wide with great detriment to our rural areas and lifestyle.

With approximately 40 citizens in attendance, Commissioner Omodt via Zoom, said he was in Boise and had not had time to review the file. Thus, he made a motion to continue the hearing at a later date. Although Commissioner Bradshaw had an option to re-notice the hearing, he seconded the motion and set continuation for Oct. 30 and then adjourned the meeting.

The majority of the citizens traveled over 30 miles, to attend the hearing, yet were dismissed in approximately nine minutes.

Commissioner Omodt attended the meeting via Zoom on Oct. 24. He also participated in an Oct. 26 — the same day as the hearing — morning conference call with commissioners Bradshaw and Asia Williams. Although the subject of the hearing came up in that call, he never revealed he had not reviewed the file or that he would not participate in the hearing that afternoon. 

Mr. Omodt showed blatant disrespect for the constituents of Bonner County. This is something to be remembered at election time.


Priest River