Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Israel has the right to defend itself

| November 19, 2023 1:00 AM

I do not understand all of these students from universities and colleges around this country who are protesting Israel the way that the Hamas terrorists are being treated. These people are not much better than wild animals when they invaded Israel killing thousands of people, taking hostages, and decapitating babies and raping Jewish women.

These Hamas terrorists invaded Israel so Israelis has the right to defend their country which is what the U.S. would do if we were in that same situation. Now many Jewish Americans living here in the U.S. are being threatened by these radical students.

I think these idiotic, know-nothing students should be expelled from whatever university or college they attend and never be allowed to return. I also believe that our “do-nothing” President Biden should contact those in control of Iran who are funding all of this and demand that their funding to Hamas and other terrorist groups stop immediately.Or we will be forced to do to them what we did to Japan after their senseless bombing of Pearl Harbor starting a war with the United States of America.

President Harry Truman ordered two bombs do be dropped over Hiroshima. The Japanese surrendered two hours later.  



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