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Northwoods aids Oregon Road fire victims

| October 19, 2023 1:00 AM

Between the first and second acts of “Two Witches, No Waiting” at Circle Moon Theater on Oct. 6, Northwoods Performing Arts presented a $3,000 donation to New Hope Resources in support of Oregon Road fire victims.

This fire, beginning Aug. 18, destroyed over 450 primary homes, 238 outbuildings, and over 10,000 acres, and caused thousands of evacuations. As it quickly moved through the area, many families were displaced, having lost everything.

“It was an honor to support our community which has, for over 40 years, loyally patronized Northwoods," Northwoods music director Mark D. Caldwell said. We’re fortunate to have a few bucks in the bank so we could do this.” It wasn’t so long ago that Northwoods was the beneficiary of generous giving during the COVID pandemic. It made every difference to allow Northwoods to then meet its insurance and other obligations during the mandated shutdown."