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Amelia Boyd

| October 21, 2023 1:00 AM


• Profession: Retired

• Educational background: BA Liberal Studies - California State Univ. Bakersfield

• How many years as a Bonner County resident: 7 years

• Marital status: Married for 33-plus years

• Family: 2 sons


  1. I will be concentrating my efforts in protecting the safety, health and welfare of our residents. I will push for better sidewalks and roads throughout Sandpoint. Revisiting city code for the downtown corridor is very important to me and I would like that prioritized. THE major initiative that I will spearhead is the re-building of our sense of community with City Hall and bridging the gap between our residents and elected officials. Our citizens do not feel that their voices are being heard. I want to change that!
    • Our failing infrastructure for one! The state of our sidewalks, streets and waste water treatment plant are all in need of repair. The degradation of our infrastructure is in dire straits.
    • The incoming development concerns with the existing Comprehensive Plan and the city's current codes relative to the downtown corridor. The majority of the population does not want to see giant structures that is not cohesive to the charm of Sandpoint.
    • The feeling of disenfranchisement among our residents is a significant issue. That needs to change. Our residents need to feel that their concerns, issues and voices are being heard.
    • Increasing the Resort City Tax last November by our voters is a great start to provide the funds for our streets and sidewalks. Since then, there is already about $1 million in the coffers. Aside from federal monies, grants, and building the capital needed, realistically, improvements will not occur overnight.
    • City Planner, Amy Tweeten, is already working on bringing code change discussions to Planning and Zoning and I know that will continue. I want to prioritize revising current city code to reflect the wants of our residents and retaining the historic charm of Sandpoint.
    • Bringing our residents back into the fold by offering more community engagement opportunities through true open public forums, monthly one-on-one discussions to listen to concerns and encourage community building within our neighborhoods.
  2. I will have an open line of communication with city residents. I will not shy away from meeting or calling any resident who has a question, concern or issue. I believe that every voice is important and each individual has a right to be heard by their elected officials. I want to encourage more community involvement in our city government because we are ALL stakeholders here. I have regularly attended council meetings for many years and am discouraged when the attendance numbers are low and encouraged to see new faces. I would like to see more community members actively involved and hope I can help bridge that gap by offering monthly chats with residents to listen to what is important to them and their families.
  3. I think the current city council has done the best they can with what they have to work with. I do not doubt that they are caring and thoughtful people with the best of intentions. I also realize that the money available is not keeping up with the rapid growth we have seen in the last few years. I think we need to step back from projects that do not have to do with infrastructure. Our failing infrastructure is and should be the priority.
  4. I believe the most critical issue is the incoming development concerns with the existing Comprehension Plan and current city code. I anticipate the new Comprehensive Plan will have been adopted by the time new council members will be sworn in, BUT current city code with reference to new development will be up for discussion. After the process of going through Planning and Zoning, I will be considerate of what our residents want and the importance of keeping our town's character by changing city code where relative and applicable.
  5. I think we need to get back to basics and start treating people with dignity and decency. As a society we have lost sight of how our parent's raised us, to be polite and mindful of others. There is nothing wrong with disagreement and debate, but there IS something wrong with nastiness and rudeness.
  6. Drawing people together from all walks of life is actually one of my strengths. The importance of civic engagement is a key element to a successful city. I will encourage initiatives that support city-led citizen-powered impact volunteering through services exchange programs and lead community-building forums. We need to get back to embracing our differences, listening to the voice of our citizens, open-mindedness, have meaningful collaboration, and problem solving together. I would like to see a commission of a large variety of residents come together to discuss the issues facing Sandpoint. I will also personally set a monthly "Councilor's Round Table" with residents to listen and engage with them
  7. I love how our community comes together to help each other out. The civic mindedness in our small town is astounding! Whatever the cause or to whomever it benefits, Sandpoint rises to the occasion every time! The continued willingness of our local businesses to contribute toward the many fundraisers in the area is a testament to their commitment to Sandpoint. I love going into town (by bike or foot, mostly) where I can chat with business owners just about every time I go out to eat, shop, listen to music or catch a show. I strongly support our local economy and feel connected through the many events I have attended or volunteered for.
  8. I am a very active community member. I volunteer weekly at the Kootenai Cancer Center at BGH, currently serve on the Planning and Zoning commission, and am a trustee on the very hard working Bonner General Health name a few.You have probably seen me riding through town on my orange bike with or without paddle board attached. My husband and I are avid hikers and have backpacked many trails in the Selkirk and Cabinet mountains. I love to read and hold actual books (not a Kindle!). I enjoy running and cycling (I've participated in Scenic Half Marathon and Chafe 150). I love canning by making jams and pickling veggies. Going for walks with my dog is a daily routine.
  9. Yes! The turf field at War Memorial was one I was opposed of at first. The thought of losing the natural grass fields was not something I wanted to see. After doing some research and asking questions of city staff and listening to the many coaches and kids who were in favor of the turf made me step back and evaluate the "big" picture. The deciding factor for me was the benefit for all of the children in our community to have a usable field during the wet season and beyond. I walk or run by on a daily basis and I see the field being constantly used and that puts a smile on my face!
  10. My mother. When she married my father in 1962, she didn't know one word of English. She immersed herself into her new country by learning English, becoming an American citizen and embracing her new life with a positive attitude. She showed me how a productive member of society should behave and that giving back to your community is important. At 83, she still volunteers her time and energy for those in need. She is the most selfless and least judgmental human I know. She taught me how to be a mother, role model and compassionate person.
  11. Having an open mind when listening to both sides of an issue.
  12. Why are you running for city council? My answer, for YOU! Running for city council isn't about ONE particular issue, it's about ALL of the issues that impact our city and the daily lives of our residents. It's about the children who walk to school or ride their bikes to City Beach. It's about the moms and dads who drive to work to make ends meet. It's about the employees of our many businesses who work long hard hours to afford their rent. It's about the business owners who struggle to keep their businesses thriving all year. It's about our retired community who have earned the right to enjoy their golden years. It's about the native Sandpoint residents who want to retain their hometown charm. And, yes, it's about those who have relocated here for a better life for themselves and their families. It's also about the city that is trying to keep up with the rapid growth and changing demographics.
  13. I will bring a voice of reason and a balanced approach to all city matters. I will have an "open door" policy and encourage ALL stakeholders to reach out to me. I DO promise to listen, take your concerns to heart and treat you with respect. I will be working for YOU because TOGETHER WE ARE BETTER!