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Steven Haynes

| October 21, 2023 1:00 AM


• Retired advertising executive

• Part-time resident 12 years; full-time resident three years. Linda Skin Schweitzer mountain in 1972 and have been boating here since spuds was a KFC.

• Marital status: Married 46 years


  1. Health and safety. Dover cities fire station at 825 Railroad is unmanned. It’s full of equipment, there are firetrucks in the garage, but no one works there. 

  2. Again, fire protection. I feel we do not currently have affective fire and EMS protection.

Unspent DURA fund money. If possible, we need to amend DURA to be able to access the fund for more projects that benefit the residence of Dover before the fund goes away in 2029.

Part C: Law enforcement. Who will provide our services if the sheriffs department continues to lose trained deputies to Kooteney county because they pay more. 

Law enforcement. Who will provide our services if the sheriff’s department continues to lose trained deputies to Kootenai County because they pay more. 

  1. Could we take control of the Dover city fire station? Could we buy the necessary equipment to update it using the Dura fund? Could we have a partial paid and volunteer fire department? I’d like to get to the bottom of this.

One solution might be to amend the DURA plan to include funding for more of the necessary infrastructure/services Dover city needs.

Explore our options. What are we currently paying for services? Can we pay for a higher level? Can we get a dedicated deputy? Should we hire off-duty personnel?

  1. People who come to the city council meeting are allowed to make public comments but it’s currently not a time for give-and-take. Something as simple as showing up early and introducing yourself to the nice people might start a conversation about what their concerns are. 

  2. Yes they are. 

  3. Fire and EMS. – covered previously

  4. Covered – previously

  5. Not sure tension is the correct term for the city of Dover. It’s more of a feeling of inclusiveness. Some feel that Dover is made up of three distinct areas, the heights, historic Dover, and Dover Bay. And some people in those areas feel that they have unique issues. I hope we could get to an understanding that wherever you are and whatever your issue, it’s a city of Dover issue.

  6. It’s hard to pin down one favorite thing in an area like this. My wife and I enjoy boating in for the Saturday market. We also boat in for takeout from Secret Thai and have dinner on the boat at least once a week in the summer. And a lot of nights after dinner, will grab some friends and boat in for ice cream cones at Panhandle Cone in Coffee. Sounds like we enjoy all the things you can do while boating. 

  7. I like to jump in the boat and go fishing. 

  8. Not in politics, since this is my first time running for office, but many times in our 46-year marriage. Why did I change my stance? Happy wife, happy life.

  9. My wife. She’s my best friend. Best counselor. Best supporter. Best consoler. Best person to trust. Best advisor. Best helper.

  10. Be able to see yourself in other people’s situation.

  11. What is your personal agenda for seeking office?  A person seeking political office shouldn’t have’s a personal agenda only a public agenda.

  12. I try to live my life with a strong sense of accountability. If you do what’s right, there’s less to apologize for. And when you’re wrong, admit it, make amends, and move forward. Remember, no politician ever gets everything they want, but an effective politician usually gets a version of what they want.

I am asking for your vote.