Saturday, December 09, 2023

Biden has done much to hurt country

| September 5, 2023 1:00 AM

Daniel Strayer needs to do a little more research before writing glowing letters about Joseph Biden.

• Yes, job growth, of course, as people are going back to their jobs after everything was shut down as a result of the pandemic. The fact that 11 million new jobs were created is bunk.

• 3.5% unemployment, the lowest in 50 years, is absolutely incorrect. Get your facts straight.

• The easing of student loan debt for 40 million borrowers? It has not happened as of yet.

• 16 million households receiving internet at reduced cost. Where? When? Mine is higher than it was two years ago.

• A reduction of health care costs; wrong again. The cost of health care has increased by 26% in two years.

• 750,000 manufacturing jobs; of course, people are now slowly going back to their old jobs.

• A large increase in per capita GDP. Where are you getting all of this false information? In a fortune cookie?

• 79% of Americans are now vaccinated; not according to the American Medical Journal and other publications.

• Inflation is down sharply. Not where I live or anyone else I know around the country. You like buying gas for $4 a gallon or more and groceries up about 44%? I spend about $750 more every month since Biden has been in office for basically the same things.

• Now about our southern border and all of the illegals entering daily, along with enough drugs to kill every American in this country. How about what Biden did in Afghanistan, leaving all of those Americans behind along with $70 billion worth of new planes, tanks, missiles, guns, and ammunition, and the killing of 13 Americans? He did nothing about this. Sending millions of dollars and equipment to Ukraine to fight Russia. He paid every person in Ukraine $2,300. And yet he offered only $750 per household to people in Maui. Almost everything out of this guy's mouth is a lie. Receiving millions and millions of dollars from other countries to be split up with his family.

He is without any doubt the worst president this country has ever had and the biggest crook. He makes Al Capone look like Mother Teresa. Both he and his son Hunter belong in jail for what he has done to our great country in just two years. He has to go.



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