Saturday, December 09, 2023

Who will bear cost of subdivision's impact?

| September 7, 2023 1:00 AM

Dear Zoning Commission,

RE: Unit 116 Providence Subdivision Approval

As a commission responsible for advising the planning and zoning of our country, I am very curious why you approved this subdivision.

According to the reports, the project is anticipated to produce an average of 1,176 trips per day, and all trips will enter or exit to the south via Highway 200 from the intersection of Providence Road and Highway 200. Without annexation, Kootenai would refuse to allow residents to exit the development using city streets. For public safety (fires and emergencies), is it really okay to only have one egress point? From a traffic perspective, can you imagine the mess and danger this will create on Highway 200?

Additionally, the report questions that there does not appear to be any planning for pedestrian access: "The development will likely be home to many schoolchildren, who will walk and ride bikes to Kootenai Elementary School. No sidewalks, pathways, or child/pedestrian access plans are evident in this application.

Also, who is going to bear the enormous impact this subdivision will impose on the surrounding community? A whole community emerging in an unincorporated area without street connections, sidewalks, parks or building permits? What about sewer, and all the other infrastructure? All of this with a zero-revenue base.

So, why did you approve it?



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