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Grimm seeks Sandpoint mayor's seat

Staff Writer | September 14, 2023 1:00 AM

SANDPOINT — Jeremy Grimm, Sandpoint resident for over 16 years and past planning and community development director, has announced his bid for the city’s mayoral seat in November’s general city election.

Grimm said his objectives as mayor would include diversifying the local economy, focusing spending on critical infrastructure, and imparting a spirit of transparency, accessibility, and self-oriented government into the daily functions of Sandpoint City Hall.

Engaging community voices and individual perspectives in local government is one of Grimm’s goals for Sandpoint. Grimm said he believes that encouraging and welcoming citizens in decision making strengthens the community.

“Beyond the abnormally high rate of employee turnover — including six different

land use planners in the past three years — City Hall feels hostile and authoritarian, almost aloof to the concerns of the public. This must and will change under my leadership,” Grimm said.

For Grimm, efforts to improve community involvement will revolve around a customer-focused approach at City Hall.

“I’m very well acquainted with the customary process required to safeguard the public and follow Idaho Code,” Grimm said. “No resident or business should ever feel shunned, frustrated, or confused when requesting information from City Hall. Sandpoint can and needs to be a regional leader in this area.”

Another primary goal of Grimm’s is diversifying the economy and easing the focus from tourism.

“Under the current administration, our parks, facilities, and public spaces have been developed or are planned to be developed into mega-regional complexes or

tourist attractions,” Grimm said. “It seems like we have lost our priorities and an understanding of who our parks should serve.”

Grimm holds a degree in geomorphology from the University of Denver and completed his graduate studies in community planning and development at the Muskie School of Public Service. He served multiple years on the Sandpoint Urban Renewal and Panhandle Area Council boards, was appointed to former Gov. Butch Otter's Workforce Development Task Force in 2017, and serves as the Region 1 representative and vice chairman on the Idaho Economic Advisory Council, appointed by Gov. Brad Little.

“I invite all Sandpoint residents to join me in this important journey to shape the future of our beloved town. Together, we can work towards building a stronger community that is more economically diverse, and celebrated by residences and businesses for the highest level government service, access and transparency.”