Monday, September 25, 2023

Not the 405? Flip comment unbecoming

| September 19, 2023 1:00 AM

At the planning and zoning hearing, at which the commission approved the 116-unit Providence Subdivision, commissioner Luke Webster’s comment regarding the complaints of the already dangerous traffic congestion was that Seattle’s 405 is an example of real traffic congestion, implying the current situation before adding 1,079 trips a day is all relative. Are you kidding me? How flippant and so unbecoming of a commissioner who is supposed to work for his constituents.

Well, Luke, the reason Seattle has such nightmarish congestion is its notorious lack of planning for its growth. Something your commission is right in step with following! It’s not only lack of planning but so short-sighted. It makes me wonder who you are working for. The land investors? The soon-to-be building contractors?

Now when we experience a crash in the turn lane to Seven Sisters or Ponder Point, we can hold your comments in our thoughts. “Luke says that it could be so much worse!” Do we really need to wait until someone (or several people) is killed trying to navigate those all-too-congested areas to subdivisions?

“That’s progress” was a comment heard when the meeting was over. Call it poor stewardship, poor planning, breach of fiduciary responsibility and even malfeasance but don’t call such rubber-stamping of substandard subdivisions progress. We will be watching you Commissioners very closely. We will see who you are really working for.



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