Saturday, December 09, 2023

Until concerns addressed, subdivision should be denied

| September 21, 2023 1:00 AM

Regarding the Providence Road subdivision proposal:

• The applicant's traffic study needs to be revised. It fails to reveal the deteriorating traffic conditions at Kootenai Bay Road, Seven Sisters Drive, and Highway 200 intersection, one-fourth mile west of Providence Road. A potential commercial business being planned at the corner of Seven Sisters Drive and Highway 200 that may require ingress/egress from and to Highway 200 hasn't been considered in the study.

• Does the city of Sandpoint's water department's will-serve letter violate the city’s own Comprehensive Plan? Can it adequately provide water for the development and at an acceptable pressure? The current mayor is on record saying that they cannot.

• Kootenai Ponderay Sewer District gave a will-serve letter, but can they add 116 more sewer hook-ups while they are under scrutiny for potential violations for discharge into Lake Pend Oreille with their current hook-ups? Has the applicant already paid or is financially capable of paying a fee to the KPSD, estimated at near $1,000,000?

• The county requires two ingress/egress roads from each new subdivision. The applicant has provided only one and hasn't reached an agreement with the city of Kootenai regarding the use of its streets. Is it because they don’t want to pay impact fees or because of the improvements needed to safely use them as emergency exits only?

Seven Sisters HOA requests the application be denied until these issues are legally resolved within local, county, and state ordinances.

Review this mission statement: "The Bonner County Planning Department is committed to protecting property rights and enhancing property values through conscientious land-use planning … and … include both those rights of the property owners in the surrounding communities as well as those of the applicant."



HOA President

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