Saturday, December 09, 2023

Why is commission rubber-stamping subdivision?

| September 21, 2023 1:00 AM

The Providence Subdivision should not be approved, and yet, it looks like it already has, even though another meeting is still on the Planning and Zoning board agenda.

Having lived in Kootenai Meadows for over 42 years, I have walked on and hunted on this proposed subdivision property when it was clearly marked and taped off for wetlands. So tell me, how does it go from being a wetland where geese, ducks, and other wildlife drink from the waters to being completely dry and suitable for 116 proposed home sites?

Whoever bought this property clearcut it and destroyed the wetlands by filling them in with debris and dirt. Say goodbye to all the wildlife that called it home for the sake of people who have moved into our beautiful Kootenai from places they left because they obviously hated it and all the congestion from being overpopulated.

Thank you, commissioners, for rubber-stamping another subdivision without checking its history. How many of you have lived here since you were born, as my wife or I have for the past 64 years? Where did the person who bought this property come from? Were they a local or another transplant dragging their big city money ideas with them?

In a previous article in the Daily Bee and per comments from the Kootenai City Council, there supposedly isn't enough water pressure in the city of Kootenai for our fire district to put out a fire to the existing homes. So pray tell, how can they possibly provide fire protection to another 100-plus homes? Will our fire insurance be cancelled because of the lack of water? The road situation to enter the highway from Main Street to Highway 200 is a nightmare and an accident waiting to happen.

The number of deer, bears, coyotes, and waterfowl that used that wetland area is gone forever.



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