Tuesday, November 28, 2023

SHS senior joins Daily Bee as intern

by BERKELEY COX / Staff Writer
| September 23, 2023 1:00 AM

Hey! I’m Berkeley Cox and this year I was lucky enough to get an internship at the Bonner County Daily Bee, working to learn the in’s and out’s of a newsroom while also making amazing memories and having super fun experiences.

I began my quest for a job in journalism when I was in 4th grade and realized I loved to tell everyone stories about each other or stories about what was happening in my house. The love soon grew to me telling my class all the current events I could find during lunchtime. I would sit in the front of the class on a stool while they ate and tell them all about how the Seahawks won a game, or about how this company went bankrupt or that famous person died. That dream slowly grew and grew until one day I announced that I wanted to be a journalism major at Northwestern University. Over time, that idea has somewhat shifted to studying at Seton Hall University, but the journalism goals have remained the same.

I have always loved to tell stories and write and so that was only solidified when I joined Monticola (Sandpoint High School’s yearbook) my sophomore year. That first year I was a staffer, completing whatever spreads were rapidly thrown at me when we missed a deadline, going to all the sporting events, and writing caption after caption. I thought that was hard work but the next year, when I was made to be one of the editors, it became an even more time consuming job, staying at school late into the night to finish spreads as well as all the other tasks one has to complete when on a yearbook. I love the yearbook because it gives me the opportunity to show all of the fun events that happen that we can show to our school in keepsakes that their children, years from now, can pull out and laugh at all the photos. I love that we build something that will have an impact on people for years to come, and that it will stay in people's memory boxes for years and years.

When I’m not holed up in Sandpoint High School doing yearbook, you can find me on Schweitzer most of the time, skiing the powder, especially off the back side. Ever since I joined the Freeride Team in 2018, I’ve been competing at places like Crystal Mountain, Kimberly Mountain Resort, Red Mountain, and lot’s of other cool places. If, for some weird reason, you can’t find me skiing, you will see me hiking trails around Bonner County with my dog Blu, or hanging out with my best friend on the lake. Starting at Waldorf, adventuring has always been a passion of mine (resulting in many injuries) and I love to be outside, mostly with Blu. (He’s my best four-legged friend and knows way too many of my secrets.)

During my time here interning at the Daily Bee, I really hope that I can take this opportunity to be a voice for my community to tell every story, big or small. I am really excited to work with everyone that is in the office and learn how the newspaper operates on a day to day basis. I am really excited to see how a job in journalism would be in the real world and not just in a classroom. If you ever have any comments or ideas for me, feel free to share them to cox.berkeley@lposd.org. I love to hear people's thoughts, questions, and/or opinions.

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