Sunday, April 21, 2024

Why is a Democrat promoting a Republican?

| April 2, 2024 1:00 AM

I would like to comment on a letter to the editor (Daily Bee, March 21, “Differences between Woodward, Herndon Clear,” authored by independent candidate Steve Johnson. 

Why does Steve Johnson write as if he were the Jim Woodward campaign manager rather than Woodward’s opposition? How does Johnson distinguish himself from Woodward, Herndon, and Rose?

No independent candidate appears on any primary ballot and both will appear on the November general election ballot against the Republican primary winner, as there is no formally declared Democrat candidate. I say formally declared Democrat candidate because Johnson is continuing his Democrat candidacies as an independent candidate in 2024. Johnson ran as a Democrat in a 2020 commissioner and a 2022 state representative race. Johnson is clearly promoting Woodward's positions in his letter. 

Why is a Democrat promoting a Republican? In answering this question another question is of worthy and required consideration. Why was Woodward’s 2018-2022 Idaho Freedom Foundation voting rating nearly undistinguishable from his peer Democrat senator ratings? 

In full disclosure, as a former Republican, with equal disfavor toward Herndon and Woodward, and in distinguishing my campaign intentions from Johnson’s, I, first, challenge Johnson to announce publically in his next letter that he, like myself, pledge to not withdraw from the November general election ballot. Secondly, Does Johnson welcome a November ballot of Johnson, Woodward, and Rose, as much as I welcome a Johnson, Rose, and Herndon ballot?