Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Road limit restrictions eased

| April 14, 2024 1:00 AM

Road weight limits have been lifted from additional county roads, Bonner County Road & Bridge officials have announced.

District 1 (south of the Long Bridge) — All roads are lifted from weight restrictions except the following: Martin Bay Road, Glengary Bay Road, Churchill Road, Willford Road, HIiiside Drive, Sunset Road, Road 22, Als Welding Road, Garrett Road, Whittum Road, Schneiders Road, Wooded Acres Drive, Birch Haven Drive, Birch Banks Road, Hanford Drive, Sweeney Drive, Hanley Lane, Bella Circle.

Comeback Bay Lane, E. Comeback Bay Lane and Elchs Road will remain closed to hauling. This means the road is only open to regular, residential traffic. No trailers or loaded truck beds.

District 2 (Priest River/Priest Lake) — All roads are lifted from the weight restrictions except for the following: Reeder Creek Road, Kalispell Creek Road on the west side, and Eastshore Road (north of Indian Creek Park Road).

District 3 (Sandpoint/Clark Fork) — All roads are lifted from the weight restrictions except for the following: Baldy Mountain Road from the Janish Drive intersection to the county turnaround, Forest Siding Road, Upper Gold Creek Road, Rapid Lightning Road (from the Upper Gold Creek Road intersection to the end of the county-maintained portion), Trestle Creek Road, and West Spring Creek Road.

Per county ordinance, it is the responsibility of the hauler to contact the Bonner County Road & Bridge Department to determine whether or not these restrictions are in place. The restrictions will remain in effect until changed, at which time updates will be posted.

As a reminder, a red flag or no flag on a sign indicates weight limits are in effect for that roadway.

Information: Bonner County Road & Bridge, 208-255-5681, ext. 1, 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.; after hours, 208-255-5681, ext. 8, for weight limits; or go online to bit.ly/2F2dTq8.