Sunday, July 14, 2024

BFPD remains focused on serving, protecting

For the Bonners Ferry Police Department, calendar year 2023 into the first quarter of 2024 has yielded significant change within our department.

Former Assistant Police Chief, Marty Ryan retired in early December, where the role of assistant chief saw the police department's 2023 Officer of the Year, Jeremy Garrett, promoted to that position. Assistant Chief Garrett, has been an invaluable asset to our department and community since he started as a patrol officer here early in 2022.  Assistant Chief Garrett brought with him over 10 years of law enforcement experience from South Carolina and Washington state.

Former Police Chief Brian Zimmerman, officially ended his 40-plus years of experience in law enforcement when he retired on February 29 of this year. Chief Zimmerman was instrumental in overseeing positive growth in personnel, and proactivity and updated much-needed equipment within the department since he came out of a short stint of retirement from ISP to become our police chief in 2018.

Under Chief Zimmerman’s reign, the department phased out the antiquated worn-out Chevy Tahoes, to more reliable vehicles specifically outfitted for police duties, allowing take-home patrol vehicles for all officers in the department. The vehicles operated by the Bonners Ferry Police Department at this time, are Ford Explorers and Dodge Chargers, which have been outfitted with in-car computers, dash cameras and electronic ticketing capabilities.

Also, within the past five years, new firearms straight across the board have been issued to all officers, as well as state-of-the-art less lethal tasers.  Consistent training in everything from emergency and defensive driving, firearms instruction and qualifications, less lethal and use of force tactics, etc., was of utmost importance to Chief Zimmerman’s professional cutting-edge approach to law enforcement within the city.

On March 1 of this year, I was appointed chief of police and promoted Officer Scott Davis to the position of sergeant, as I moved from a title I held for over eight years. Sergeant Davis’ attention to detail, knowledge of Idaho Code, police procedure, case law and his no-nonsense proactive approach to the job; sets the bar high in being an example to other members of this department, to maintain a level of professionalism that is second to none.

Moving forward, it is imperative not only to carry on with but to expand the departmental progress achieved by my predecessor, in providing as much safety and security to our residents as our resources will allow. The population of our county and city is continually growing. Add that to Bonners Ferry being a popular travel destination for outsiders near and far; increased visibility, enforcement and proactive policing remain a primary facet of focus in upholding our sworn oath to those we serve.