Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Kootenai focuses on residents while meeting growth

by NANCY LEWIS / Kootenai Mayor
| April 25, 2024 1:00 AM

This city is continuously growing. The 2020 census indicates an increase in population from 739 to 1,002. The city has a new city clerk/treasurer, Manda Corbett, and we are very pleased to have her.

The city has been awarded funds to construct a pathway along the north side of Highway 200. This project will provide a safer route to and from Kootenai Elementary School.

We have also received a $250,000 grant from the Local Child Pedestrian Safety Program. These funds will be used to widen Second Street near the school.

Our biggest project to date will be the complete renewal of Railroad Avenue. We have just been awarded $1.7 million to complete this project. I am very excited about this project as this street is used so much by so many as a means to get into shopping areas by bike or just for a nice walk.

The council has worked very hard this past year in amending some of our zoning regulations regarding additional dwelling units, RVs and occupancy. We strive to do our best to consider all the challenges that we face on a daily basis while always keeping in mind the safety of all our residents.

I always stay active with the Bonner County Transportation Team, SPOT, And have been active in the Urban Area Transportation Plan. I also try to stay current with all the new county changes to their land use regulations and how they might affect Kootenai's area of city impact.