Sunday, July 14, 2024

NICA sees a year of milestones

Looking back, North Idaho Classical Academy has had some significant milestones this past year.

Laying the foundation: Since its inception in 2018, North Idaho Classical Academy has evolved from an idea into an actual school that will be opening in August 2025 with over 550 students intending to enroll. A big thank you to the founding group:  Lena Cordle, Sage Dixon, Christa Eby, Kaite Gorman, Sheraya Hauck, Lynsee Leonard, Liesl Woomert, and many others who have been supportive along the way.

Community interest and support: In December 2022, our inaugural information session drew over 250 attendees, signaling the beginning of a promising venture. Formal incorporation swiftly followed in March 2023, with North Idaho Classical Academy becoming a candidate member school within the Hillsdale College K-12 Charter School Initiative by August of the same year.

Securing a campus and hiring a founding principal: The journey to secure a suitable campus began in October 2022, culminating in the identification of the old Boulder Creek Academy property. After months of negotiation, a purchase and sale agreement was signed in September 2023. The hiring of Dr. Jacob Francom as founding principal in July 2023 marked a significant milestone.

Charter petition and nonprofit status:  As the charter petition took shape, our team’s dedication ensured its submission to the. On Dec. 14, 2023, North Idaho Classical Academy received official authorization from the Idaho Public Charter School Commission, during its petition hearing. Additionally, December 2023 marked another milestone with the attainment of 501(c)(3) non-profit status from the IRS.

Future Endeavors:

Looking ahead, we are excited for the upcoming year:

Recruiting staff: We are dedicated to assembling a team of passionate educators who share our mission and vision. Through rigorous recruitment efforts, we aim to attract individuals who will inspire and empower our students.

Remodeling facilities: Extensive renovations will be underway this summer to ensure our facilities provide a conducive environment for learning.

Conducting community outreach events: Building and maintaining strong ties with the community is essential. In the coming year, we will host outreach events to engage prospective families, local businesses, and community leaders.

In conclusion, the state of the North Idaho Classical Academy in 2024 is one of excitement, growth, and anticipation. As we embark on this journey together with the North Idaho community, we are confident that North Idaho Classical Academy will support the children and families throughout the region.

    The North Idaho Classical Academy campus.
    A building on the North Idaho Classical Academy campus.