Monday, February 26, 2024

Legislature needs to address mental health care

| February 1, 2024 1:00 AM

As a local mental health provider I was thrilled to see so many attendees at the Panida's screening of "The Paradise Paradox" recently. I appreciated the expertise and insights of the panelists and would like to add my recommendation for how individuals can help/get involved/make a difference:

Please reach out to your legislators and demand:

• Full parity for insurance coverage of mental health conditions — meaning insurance companies must not put more restrictions on treatment of mental health conditions than they would other medical conditions (this is the law but it is rarely enforced).  

• Medicaid expansion (especially for postpartum women, who are very vulnerable to mental health conditions and often lose access to care in Idaho 60 days after their babies are born).

• Revision of Medicaid policies to improve reimbursement and reduce onerous paperwork requirements. Many mental health providers in our community and across the state simply cannot afford to accept Medicaid. Removing this barrier would dramatically improve access to care and quality of care.  



Regional Director 

Postpartum Support 

International, North Idaho

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