Monday, February 26, 2024

Israel, Palestine need to try to understand each other

| February 8, 2024 1:00 AM

Though I tried, I couldn’t find any coherence in Steve Hatcher’s Jan. 2 letter that was supposed to be a response to my Dec. 17 letter. It was as though he had read a different letter.

Letter writers should educate themselves on what they are attempting to speak about to avoid knee-jerk reactions.

Hatcher stated I had chosen the term “antisemitic” as my latest topic at a time when the Jewish state is in peril. What peril? It is Israel that is engaged in the shameful ethnic cleansing and slaughter of defenseless Palestinian women and children. It is Israel who has created a Palestinian Holocaust.

Hatcher’s tortured logic also had him questioning if I believed there was a Holocaust. Of course, there was a Holocaust.

So Steve, taking a page outta your book I ask you, do you support Israel’s genocide and ethnic cleansing of Palestinian men, women, and children in Gaza?

By the way, Israel’s hatred of Arabs makes it the most antisemitic nation on earth. Israel and Zionists use charges of antisemitism of others to shut them up.

After receiving very negative criticism from several critics, jazz great John Coltrane said "In talking to a critic try to understand him ..." We sure could use him today as Trane would be the first to say that Israel and Palestine need to try to understand each other.



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