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Revival in Our Time brings faith to youth

by WILL BUSH / Contributing Writer
| February 9, 2024 1:00 AM

Restoration. If you open Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or really any kind of media platform, it doesn’t take much searching to find a good “restoration video.” 

Our social media accounts are flooded with them! Whether it be old cars, old books, old houses, etc. We get sucked in for hours, watching people take something old and rundown and restore it to its former glory. Humans are fascinated by restoration. It’s because the art of restoration simultaneously preserves something’s history and character, while also enhancing its beauty and purpose in a new way. And when it comes to the things we really care about, we would way rather have them restored than replaced. People will pay outrageous amounts of money to have their prize possessions restored, instead of just buying new ones.

This isn’t actually all that strange though. Its value that’s deeply rooted in our hearts, and inherited from our Creator. You see, our God is a God of restoration. All throughout history, we see that instead of deciding to simply do away with humanity, He decides to restore them. Over and over again.

God longs to restore things.

The Bible says that “He makes all things new.” This is important and beautiful to grasp, because it isn’t saying that He just makes “new things.” It’s saying that He makes the old things new. It’s an act of restoration! Because God values the story.

When I look out at Sandpoint’s story, I see a town with a rich and beautiful history. I see churches that were born out of times and seasons of revival. I see families that have powerful heritage and rich traditions.

And I see a town that truly does bring something special to this world. But I also see a deep need for restoration.

Restoration of unity between churches that have grown so divided in the pursuit of their own stories, that they no longer come together over the story of God.

Restoration of partnership between the generation of Moses who have glimpsed the promised land, but have written off the Joshuas as a “lost cause.”

And restoration of hope and purpose to the youth of our day who are plagued with anxiety and confusion.

Amongst Bonner County's 50-plus churches, there are roughly 20 active youth ministries. Between all of these, we reach about 300 students a week.

Sandpoint High School is a school of roughly 1,600 students. Plus a middle school of roughly 500 students.

Not to mention the charter, alternative, and homeschools.

There is an unbelievable disconnect between the church and the next generation of God’s story.

R.I.O.T.’s Mission is to change that.

Find us on Instagram and Facebook at R.I.O.T.ForJesus!

Will Bush is a youth leader at Parkside Church and founder of R.I.O.T. (Revival in Our Time) youth ministry.

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