Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Lippert hauling approved on Providence Road

| February 21, 2024 1:00 AM

SANDPOINT — A memorandum of understanding between Lippert Excavation and Bonner County to allow hauling on Providence Road was approved at the commissioners’ Tuesday morning meeting.

Bonner County Road and Bridge Director Jason Topp said that a vehicle weight limit currently impacts Providence Road, where staff from Lippert Excavation are working to construct the Providence Subdivision. Because of this, the company has requested an MOU that allows them to continue hauling supplies on the road from Highway 200 to the subdivision’s entrance.

“Providence Road is currently a gravel road,” Topp said. “As part of Providence Subdivision conditions, developer and contractor — Lippert Excavation — will be completely reconstructing this road, including base rock, layers, ditches and pavement with an asphalt surface, all in 2024.”

Topp said his department is in favor of the commissioners approving the MOU, as any damage caused to the road by the hauling is “inconsequential” and will not cost taxpayers any money to repair. In addition to completing repairs after construction is over, he said Lippert will take on maintenance responsibilities during the spring break-up, “including placing new gravel as necessary due to mud,” to ensure Providence Road continues to be passable to passenger vehicles.

The MOU passed unanimously and Lippert Excavation will be allowed to haul on Providence Road until construction is completed.