Sunday, April 21, 2024

Questions remain on West Bonner finances

| February 21, 2024 1:00 AM

The subject of another levy came up at the West Bonner County School District board meeting Feb. 6. Prior to this, in the same meeting, the ongoing forensic audit was discussed to include many discrepancies and missing information between invoices, checks, and vendors. Over the past year or so parents and concerned citizens have tried to get answers and have sought resolution and transparency concerning this budget mess. The voters spoke last May and said we will not support another levy until the district gets its financial act together.

However, the majority of the present board still does not appreciate the concerns of their constituents. Indeed, this blindness can be illustrated in the request by the unelected trustee Paul Turco, who later in the meeting asked the attendees to put together their “wish lists” for the board to consider.

In the present circumstance, self-awareness is obviously far from the board’s concern and is being duly noted by those of us who said no last May and we demand accountability and change from the status quo. West Bonner school board, we are watching.


Priest River