Sunday, April 21, 2024

'King Omodt' ignoring both the law, public

| February 22, 2024 1:00 AM

Bonner County journalism is, undoubtedly, known to long-time residents and readers, regardless of ideological disposition, to be center-left, and arguably unrepresentative of rural Bonner County culture. Trespass and arrest reporting of Bowman and Cramer has circumvented a foundational consideration of constitutional and legal review. 

Facts: Bonner County identifies one person trespassed in the last six years (2020). Three were subjected to trespass in the past year. Bonner County commissioners, in 2023, received from the Bonner County Prosecutor, a legal opinion to exercise caution and discernment in trespassing citizen(s) from regular business meetings and public comment. In January 2024, the prosecutor advised Omodt to refrain from trespass and/or arrest, assumingly, based on the weight of probable cause versus constitutional and legal protections. Commissioner Luke Omodt’s unilateral and subjective analysis in deeming a law-abiding senior citizen’s email as threatening is “fantastic” and legally unsupportable, an unnecessary financial liability to Bonner County; Omodt and Commissioner Steve Bradshaw have co-operated, or worse, conspired, to stifle public policy, ridicule and nullify the rural citizens’ 2022 election of Commissioner Asia Williams, and by extension, via trespass dictates and rule changes, nullify righteous citizens who uncompromisingly support Williams in her over-achieving and unmatched representation of Bonner County.

Omodt’s inability to recognize the truly sovereign participant(s), and/or, his unwillingness to effectively de-escalate participation has resulted in extraordinary and unpleasant action upon elected peers and citizens.

Liberty and freedom are only retained when citizen shepherds stand unrelentingly for moral, intellectual, and lawful public policy principles. Disappointingly, many, including “King Omodt,” judge, jury, and executioner, are indifferent to the social construct of truth.