Friday, July 19, 2024

Keep pets safe this Fourth of July

Staff Writer | July 3, 2024 1:00 AM

More pets go missing on or around the Fourth of July than at any other time throughout the year. Family Pet Urgent Care in Ponderay has offered a handful of tips for keeping pets well prepared for the upcoming holiday should they wander off.

Make sure pets are wearing proper identification tags all day on the Fourth as well as throughout the weekend, as some individuals might be celebrating over the holiday weekend.

“Now is the time to update pet I.D. tags and make sure they are legible and secure,” staff said in a Facebook post.

If pets are microchipped, urgent care staff also urge families to contact their microchip company to make sure all information is up to date and correct. This is especially important after a move or if a phone number has recently changed.

When taking pets outside to go to the bathroom or get exercise, make sure they have a collar and are leashed at all times. Even normally calm pets can get scared from sudden bursts of fireworks in the neighborhood and take off, staff said.

While it may be too late this year, talking to a vet about available calming medications is also a great way to ensure pets are at ease during the Fourth of July.

“If your pet has anxiety, contact your regular veterinarian and ask what options there are for calming medications/supplements,” staff said.

Creating a safe space for pets can also help them feel secure. Putting them in a familiar bed or room with all windows and doors closed for minimal sound pollution can help them feel at ease during the chaos.

In addition, making sure anxious pets have plenty of access to fresh water can help keep them cool as well as calm. Be sure to keep harmful foods and beverages out of pets’ reach as well.