Friday, June 14, 2024

Trump's trial was a sad day, indeed

| June 9, 2024 1:00 AM

Many people have been lamenting about the "sad day" in America when former president Trump was convicted by an independent jury in New York on 34 fraud counts of falsifying business records with intent to interfere with a presidential election. And it is so true: a sad, sad day.

But the saddest part is that those who profess to worship at the feet of the convicted Trump refuse to accept that the guy is a crook, a liar; someone who demands loyalty and then throws those who support him under the bus. He calls them names, disparages their character (as if he knew what character even is), ambushes their careers, sends them into bankruptcy and even jail. And he never looks back.

The even sadder part is that those same Trump worshippers — most of whom don’t know him, have never worked with him, have never met him but believe everything he tells them — actually espouse that he is on their side, will protect them, will work for them.  And they dismiss the experiences those who have worked with him now tell us — about how dangerous he is to all of us. 

Might that be you? He never has been on your side, he never will be, and he will throw you under the bus, too, as soon as he gets your vote and your money. 

Like all bully followers (remember the bullies in elementary school? The bully’s groupies — the kids who didn’t have other friends, who weren’t chosen for the first team? They gravitated toward the bully because he/she would promise them everything, and when the chips were down and he/she got what they wanted, abandoned the ‘little’ guy/gal?) And, of course, that is what will happen here. Trump has no loyalty to anyone — including his children — and he won’t be loyal to you.  

Trump is not your friend.