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7B Paintball scores plenty of fun

| June 26, 2024 1:00 AM

SAGLE — If you're looking to do something fun, look no further than 7B Paintball.

The new paintball and airsoft course is the first in the community and is open seven days a week.

"We're a small , local business aiming to offer a safe and fun environment for kids, adults and families in Bonner County and surrounding communities," Dakota Morgan said.

7B Paintball, 56 Hidden Creek Road, offers rentals for paintball — both low-impact and regular — as well as a variety of courses and experiences, including gel blasters, paintball and airsoft. Full gear rentals are also available.

Paintball is both fun and a great way to bond, Morgan said.

While fun, Safety is emphasized with goggles required to be worn at all times in designated playing areas. Goggles must be specifically approved for paintball.

Safety also is emphasized, with "blind shooting" prohibited — participants must be looking at their target when shooting. Participants also must not shoot at wildlife in the area.

Other safety rules include a prohibition on physical contact, climbing of any trees or structures and all equipment brought onto the playing area must be authorized.

With fun as the focus, Morgan said verbal abuse and unsportsmanlike conduct are not tolerated and can be grounds for expulsion from the premises.

Care has been taken to create a variety of courses and experiences — an RV tucked among the trees, a barrier made of pallets, a half-buried car to crouch behind or a stack of tires well marked by past paintball enthusiasts.

There are stands of trees to weave between to escape to wide-open spaces that require a speedy charge to avoid getting picked off by another member of your party.

Discounts are offered to military members, veterans and first responders.

Information: 7B Paintball, 56 Hidden Creek Road, Sagle; 208-920-9396 or

    A pair of paintball fans look over the course during a recent excursion to 7B Paintball in Sagle.
    A participant at 7B Paintball attempts to hide behind a stack of tires in an attempt to avoid during hit during a recent paintball event at the Sagle area course.
    A trio of paintball enthusiasts are pictured at 7B Paintball's low impact course.