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Idaho Mythweaver raffle to benefit podcast

| March 5, 2024 1:00 AM

It's both a chance to win an oil painting honoring the Kokanee salmon that inhabit the lake and a way to support a local podcast highlighting the fish.

The 18-inch by 24-inch painting, titled "Spawning Channel," was created by artist Terrel Jones of Troy, Mont., as a fundraiser for Idaho Mythweaver's Voices of the Wild Earth podcast. 

This work and her other original paintings, inspired by nature, color and pattern, consisting of oils, pastels, watercolors, collage, and mixed-media, are on display at Evans Brothers Coffee, 524 Church St. 

“The landscape is important to me and painting it is a challenge," Jones said. "Many times I will paint outdoors but rarely begin and end a painting in one session; a painting is often finished in the studio with a camera image or a drawing as a reference. Almost never is the landscape copied as it truly is. I interpret with my own palette,” says Jones. 

Terrel has donated the painting to Idaho Mythweaver in support of the nonprofit's upcoming podcast “People of the Salmon” on Nez Perce salmon restoration efforts in the Snake River Basin. 

“I am happy to contribute to a good cause for better understanding of our Indigenous cultures and our natural environment. They lived off the land. It is worthy to remember this in our present struggles to honor and preserve our Earth,” Jones said. 

Raffle drawing will be March 15. Tickets, which are $5 cash only, can be purchased online at, its ActBlue Charities secure site by selecting Donate Here at top of our homepage. Tickets also can be purchased at Evans Brothers as well as at Pend d'Oreille Winery.

    Terrel Jones is pictured in her studio working on another painting.