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Pair's assistance was critical at structure fire

| March 28, 2024 1:00 AM

Earlier this month, Clark Fork Fire was dispatched to a possible structure fire at a house in the middle of town.

Arriving on scene we discovered we were preceded by Dmitry Borisov and Grant Bansemer responding for Clark Fork Ambulance. In their minute head start they had already evacuated a dozen residents and got them safe and comfortable, identified the hazard and potential risks, and begun to mitigate that hazard. We were able to quickly concur with the assessment, easily take over and complete those tasks, check for other possible remaining hazards, and make the house again safe to occupy. The result was slight damage to a wood stove, no damage at all to the structure and no injuries.

We regularly emphasize the importance of quick notice and quick response in making the difference between a close call and a disaster. In this case, the residents achieved the former, and Dmitry and Grant swiftly and skillfully demonstrated the latter. Many thanks to them for their help in this particular incident, and in general to them, Clark Fork Ambulance, Sam Owen Fire, Bonner County Sheriff and the other agencies we work with regularly for their assistance, dedication, and service to our common goals.


Fire Chief

Clark Fork Fire