Sunday, April 14, 2024

Woodward is the change we need in Legislature

| March 28, 2024 1:00 AM

“Idaho Isn't as red as anyone thinks.”

The Idaho Freedom Foundation provides proof: Fifteen of Idaho's 35 house districts rate C to F on the IFF's freedom index for 2021. The house average is D+. Seventeen Senators scored F while 2 scored D. Count 'em up, that's a majority of senators. What? A majority of RINOs (Republicans In Name Only)?

But RINOS are mythical animals. Actual people have opinions on issues that are nuanced and on which they disagree and compromise. That's why the IFF has a scorecard of A to F, not just pass/fail. Even our current senator does not have a perfect scorecard. What? A RINO?

I don't always agree with Jim Woodward. But he is kind and compromises reasonably in a world where a few politicians (in both parties) rely mostly on myths. He loves Legislative District 1. He listens. He has thoughtful reasons for what he does. Some Republicans think that their pure and mythical positions are actually realizable in a democracy. They are not — but only when we vote.

Unaffiliated voters can register as Republicans before April 25 or at the primary polls May 21. Vote for Woodward — it will not change who you are or what you believe, just changes the Legislature.