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Solid Waste showcases new transfer station

Staff Writer | May 23, 2024 1:00 AM

COLBURN — Bonner County Solid Waste officially opened its newly renovated waste transfer station Wednesday morning.

County commissioners, contractors, Waste Management and solid waste staff took refuge from the rainy weather under a sea of umbrellas to celebrate the growth of the solid waste site, located on Pinecone Road in Colburn.

Waste transfer stations are facilities where waste is held for a short time while it is sorted before being transferred to a landfill or waste-to-energy plant. North Idaho’s solid waste makes its way to Washington after being sorted at the Colburn site.

“This site is the only location where all trash is collected and loaded into long haul trailers and transported to Adams County, Wash., Waste Management landfill,” said Solid Waste director Bob Howard.

Construction on the transfer station, which measures 124 feet by 62 feet, began May 10, 2023, and was completed and opened on the same day — May 22.

“We’re excited for this,” Howard said. “We’re trying to prepare for the growth we’re seeing. The newly remodeled site will improve the managing, handling and transportation of trash more efficiently.”