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Best Shot - Oct. 30, 2020

Great photos shared by the many talented photographers in the community.

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Bird in Hand: The Great Blue Heron

I love birding and I love fishing. I can’t say that I prefer the one over the other, as they’re both wonderful excuses to be in the great outdoors.

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Put that cat back

We’ve all seen cats outside. Maybe you’ve noticed a group hanging out in a secluded area near your home, or you’ve seen them walking around your neighborhood.

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A word for frontline healthcare workers

A couple months ago I had a conversation with a frontline healthcare worker about the issues with wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for hours and h...

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Scrying the Orbuculum

What do people want to know? Understanding the Past is interesting; predicting the future is even more important. Shaping the future is the Holy Grail.

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A big year for Priest Lake

Things were jumping in the northern part of Bonner County in the year 1910. According to a story which appeared in the Northern Idaho News, but which had bee...

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Community's support helps BHT help others

I called your organization a couple weeks ago about my daughter and her friend that had come to Sandpoint for the Ski season and had fallen on some hard times, as could not find any temporary housing.

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History's Window: Joanne Pennington Kelly

Editor’s note: Longtime historian Bob Gunter spent his life diving into history, capturing the people and places of the community, highlighting what made it ...

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The do's and don'ts of furniture shopping

However, armed with a few tricks of the trade, furniture shopping can be a lot more fun, and a whole lot more productive.

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Schweitzer Mountain visits will be different, but still fun

As we continue the transition to our winter season, we are still trying to adapt and plan for what will be an unprecedented winter on the mountain.

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Bonner County Calendar - Oct. 28, 2020

The events, activities and meetings taking place around Bonner County.

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Know what, why, when to take your medications

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that half – yes, 50 percent – of prescribed medications are not taken properly.

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What’s your fuel to achieve your dreams?

The next time someone tells you that you can’t — use that as your fuel and stop settling for that to be your new norm. Not cool.

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Letterman’s Club plans wild game feed

The people, history and places of western Bonner County.

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Thoughts about football, politics and life

Cast that vote for our team. In doing so put ourselves out there on the field — and just maybe bring home the outcome for which we hope.

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UWNI expands child care assistance

To help alleviate some of the financial stress caused by child care costs, UWNI has created scholarships — available for families in the five northern counties who are working or going to school and need assistan...