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New session brings same challenges for conservatives

A new session of Congress has begun, and unsurprisingly, conservatives face many of the same challenges as we di...

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Give 3Cs curriculum, quantum learning a chance

I am here to support the direction the West Bonner County School District is attempting to take. I urge you all, please, no matter what your stance is, please give this curriculum and quantum learning a chance...

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BGH delivered excellent care, compassion

I recently broke my arm and went to Bonner General Health's Emergency Department, where I received excellent care. Lori met me at the door and I was soon escorted to an examining room where sweet Rachel, the CNA ...

Updated 1 month ago
Biden's energy policies placing us at risk

Remember the long lines at the gas pumps? We are now again at risk if a real boycott or global supply crisis of petroleum occurs. The United States had an energy crisis when an oil embargo against the U.S. was im...

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Decision was in the public's best interest?

For their grand finale in 2022, Bonner County commissioners gave away our beautiful public access point at Camp Bay to an Arizona developer. Even under a court order to make their decision in “the best interes...

Updated 1 month ago
Let’s rethink the use of train whistles

The thought hit me when I was hiking the Mickinnick Trail the other day and heard the blaring, shrieking whistle from the Burlington Northern freight passing in the valley far below. I gritted my teeth and fr...

Updated 1 month ago
What role do rent subsidies play in area's growth?

Another column from Sandpoint Mayor Shelby Rognstad (Daily Bee, Dec. 15) about the lack of affordable housing and rapid population growth followed by the hand-wringing of local “social engineers” and their paid c...

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Land use: Affordability and economic vitality

This is the fourth article in the series by Sandpoint Mayor Shelby Rognstad detailing recommendations that came out of the city’s Housing and Economic Study ...

Updated 1 month ago
Let law enforcement do their job

News reports are saying that the man responsible for the student killings in Moscow has been caught. Congratulations to the law enforcement agencies involved. You accomplished your work and responsibilities d...

Updated 1 month ago
Touchdown celebrations need to go away

Being a fan of NFL football and college football, I don't understand why these professional football players, who are paid millions of dollars, have to do those stupid dances and celebrations when they make a tou...

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Critchfield: With elections in the rearview, it’s time to get to work

2022 in Idaho brought with it long campaigns and high-profile races in the May primaries and November election. As a result, three of Idaho’s statewide offic...

Updated 1 month ago
Please do not speed through Sagle

Yes, this is another letter about reckless driving on Highway 95 through Sagle. No, I am not going to blame any specific one or several groups of drivers who greatly exceed the 45 mph limit in our town.

Updated 1 month ago
Investigation needed on skyrocketing taxes

I recently read a letter (Daily Bee, Dec. 15) from Jessie Sheldon re: the shocking property tax increases and I could not agree with him more. And when I went to the county building to ask for an explanation, I g...

Updated 1 month ago
Forget letters, make 'hate the haters' buttons

Every week or two, the Daily Bee or the Reader publishes a lengthy screed from a posturing letter writer who apparently feels compelled to publicly denounce haters, lest someone think they’re one.

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Street names have strong Michigan connection

The street-namer was a newspaper owner from Detroit that moved here.

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Banish Banducci and restore NIC

The continuing coverage of the Banducci machine that runs the North Idaho College Board of Trustees continues to disturb my morning mocha time at Evans Brothers.