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Together, we can get things done

I acknowledge the fact that I am serving in this capacity for a short period of time. Regardless of how long or sh…

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War is the entrée of the current decade

War is the entrée of the current decade, again. Many find disgust with corruption and unlawfulness as the foundation of the Ukraine-Russian war. However, when nationalism fails to ignite support for the neoconserva…

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It's time to embrace bozo-hood — and each other

Sandpoint is full of bozos. I don't mean jerks — I mean, instead of getting mad at each other, people here used to try not to take things so seriously — like clowns. We made fun of other people (and ourselves.) but…

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We can't allow Biden to destroy our country

Our lying, do-nothing President Joe Biden says he has a plan to rescue the still-alive Americans held by Hamas in Gaza.

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It's time to give Simpson the boot

As everyone knows our Republicans in the House of Representatives couldn't get their act together and elect a Speaker of the House for quite a while. There were some rabble-rousers who probably had a personal vende…

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Trump has dismantled Republican Party

Trump has dismantled Republic Party

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Controversy is about public right of way, access

I appreciate that the Bee is covering important issues, such as the decision by Bonner County to give away a half mile of Camp Bay Road to a private developer. However, the story that ran Oct. 25 contains grievous …

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What can Idahoans do to honor America’s veterans?

Americans can commemorate Veterans Day twice this year. The official observance is November 11. It dates back to the armistice ending World War I, which we…

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It's time for new qualifications for Congress

Watching the news and the inaction by Congress I’ve begun to wonder if we are picking our representative correctly.

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Wilderness plans may not be what they seem

The recent article regarding the Friends of Scotchman wilderness EcoFlights around the Scotchman Peak area included several familiar incorrect and misleading statements regarding the area and the failed campaign fo…

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Closure of Camp Bay access is criminal

The public waterfront at Camp Bay is being stolen from the people of Bonner County. This backroom deal was made in the shadows by officials with major conflict of interest. Now, the commissioners continue to act in…

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East Bonner County Library District in turmoil

The EBCL was in serious disarray in October and administration failed to provide the public services expected.

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It's never too late to do the right thing

Everyone is saying they're sorry, really?

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VFW will dispose of old flags properly

On Wednesday, I was at the county’s Dufort Road dump when I saw something that made my heart stop: A man pulled an American flag from his car, wadded it up and pitched it into one of the dumpsters.

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Ting's generosity appreciated by Panida

In our eagerness to share news about the Panida’s new roof, we inadvertently omitted a crucial mention of one of our key partners and supporters, Ting Internet. Ting's generous contribution of $200,000 in matching …

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Festival needs to honor national anthem

I agree with Don Myers’ letter (Daily Bee, Oct. 8, 2023), “Festival: We want our national anthem.”