Sunday, May 28, 2023

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Bonner County Calendar - May 13, 2023

A look at the events, activities, and meetings taking place around Bonner County, from Sandpoint to Cocolalla, f...

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BCRCC was open-minded, voted on record

Local media has been quick to allow Rep. Sauter to counter the vote of “no confidence” by the Bonner County Republican Central Committee. Unfortunately, his droning blather put forth so many issues needing to be ...

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Speculation on education bill is pure fiction

My wife asked me this morning if I believe there is much corruption in government. The definition of corruption includes dishonest proceedings, moral depravity and a perversion of integrity.

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The few want to rule the many

The Bonner County Republican Central Committee wants to control everyone else. Follow our Party Line or we will destroy you politically.

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You didn't specify a timeline, Winston

Winston Churchill is purported to have said, “You can always count on the Americans to do the right thing, after they have exhausted all the other possibilities.”

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The connection between the law and morality

Some letter writers don't seem to comprehend the relationship between law and morality. While morality and law are not one and the same, the relationship between the two is undeniable.

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What did we do to deserve Scott Herndon?

I see with his recent mailing, Scott Herndon is still trying to pull the wool over our eyes. He was very successful at that prior to being elected. Hopefully, many of those who voted for him will finally have ...

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Sauter's vote speaks for itself; vote accordingly

Mr. McDermott’s defense of Representative Mark Sauter in recent letters to the editor follows the same pattern of hollow, ad hominem misdirection as all the other talking points from NIVS, the Bonner County Democ...

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Sauter's record firmly in line with Democrats

In the debate about Representative Sauter’s failure to accurately represent the Republicans of North Idaho, we seem to have forgotten that he was unable to garner support from even 40% of LD1 Republican voters in...

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Let's talk about real extremism in area

As a newcomer, I want to talk about a recent documentary featuring Sandpoint’s mayor.

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Are we marching toward social fascism?

The 2022 BGH birth rate of 265 equates to Pend Oreille Health District Sandpoint Women’s Health salaries of $1.7 million, which required $692,000 in POHD tax funding to break even. Arguably, POHD’s tax funding in...

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'No confidence' is really the best endorsement

Rep. Mark Sauter, I didn't vote for you last election.

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Thanks for pointing out great job by Sauter

I had to laugh out loud when I saw the front page of the April 25, 2023, Daily Bee featuring the BCRCC’S no-confidence vote for Mark Sauter.

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Idaho outshines Washington any day of the week

Maybe you should remember that the reason things are the way they are, in Idaho, is because many people like it that way.

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BCRCC should be censored, not Rep. Sauter

District 1 Senator Scott Herndon is continuing with dirty tricks as the Bonner County Republican Central Committee Chairman.

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Liberal letters are patently dishonest

I am writing in response to a series of very liberal submissions to the Bonner County Daily Bee, which are patently dishonest.