Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Letters to the Editor

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Transportation, immigration among session's top issues

District 1 legislators discuss local issues, legislation, and concerns in the weekly Notes From Boise column.

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Support our children by supporting WBCSD levy

Let us as a community support our West Bonner School District Levy with a "yes" vote on May 21.

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Reject candidates with extremist views

White Christian nationalism/separatism is by far the most dangerous threat America has ever faced. Worse than the Nazis. Worse than the Soviets. Worse than Islamic terrorists. Worse than any external threat ever. L…

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On May 21, vote yes on WBCSD levy

As we get closer to May 21st it's somewhat difficult choosing the best way to let people know how important voting is. It's your right to express your opinion and you should definitely exercise that right.

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Mark Sauter cares about, works for community

I was born here and I've volunteered for our community for over twenty years. As a Bonner County resident its part of the fabric of our area. Ive also had a business here for over 30 years.

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Jane Sauter for House Seat 1A

My mother, Jane Sauter, is currently running for State Representative Seat 1A.

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Hutchings is the candidate we need in Boise

The endorsements proffered by the Bonner County Republican Central Committee is driven by “Fight Club,” a Christian political group that has already proven unconstitutional activity, so much so, that two “Fight Clu…

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Herndon working to protect women and girls

I value the lives and health of women and especially those of the disfavored minority, unborn girls who will become the next generation of women. Therefore, I’m voting for Scott Herndon, because he has always acted…

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Woodward is the right choice for Idaho Senate

Regarding SB 1244, extending the distance for electioneering near polls from 100 feet to 250 feet, a bill written by Mark Sauter, opposed by Scott Herndon — surprising as he often simply doesn’t follow laws that he…

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Herndon will say anything to get elected

My mailbox is filled with political mailings. Landfill issues aside, I’m indignant.

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'Constitutional sheriff' stance is troubling

Election Day is close. As I was reading the articles on the various contested races, I was struck by the statements made about the candidates in one race. That race is for Bonner County sheriff.

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Larson deserves your vote in primary

Democrats in Idaho have been trained that the primary does not matter for them. Forget your training! This year, we have a candidate that needs your vote.

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Herndon protects residents' ability to parent children

A parent’s most important responsibility is to provide a safe learning environment for his or her children, one that reflects the values of their family and community. Senator Scott Herndon has acted to protect our…

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Keep conservative values in mind while voting

This primary election might seem complex at first because there are lots of interests out there that are looking to confuse the Republican voter. But if you’re a conservative voter like me, it really just boils do…

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Don't let the Democrats confuse you

Some people say that Democrats are about as rare as honest used car salesmen in North Idaho. If one thing is clear this election cycle, it’s that 90% of the candidates claim to be conservative and 85% of them clai…

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Jane Sauter is the best choice for state rep

Three candidates are running for the LD1A Representative seat in next Tuesday’s primary. Only one of them is the type of person who can faithfully represent Republicans in Boise.